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Please read before purchasing:

Having an online account is REQUIRED to purchase tickets or participate in activity at Mt. Crescent. If you have not set up an account yet or are running into issues purchasing products for other individuals, please be sure to follow the instructions below before adding items to your cart:

STEP 1: Click here to create an online account.

STEP 2: Add any minors, household members, or other individuals you will be purchasing products for under the "Associates" tab in your account. Make sure to use a valid email address for all adult Associates.

STEP 3: Add items to your cart. Additional tickets will need to be assigned to specific Associates listed under your account.

Step 4: Follow the check-out process and sign your e-waiver and e-waivers for any minors. You will not be able to sign a waiver for any adult Associates in your account, they will receive an email prompting them to create an account and sign their e-waiver (this option will save you time), or they can sign their waiver in person at the lodge. Visitors will only need to sign their waiver once per season.

You will receive a confirmation email with your purchase information and can access information in your account. 

When you visit Mt. Crescent on the day(s) you selected, make sure to check in at the guest services counter upstairs at the lodge.  Remember to keep your lift pass on you at all times as they will be scanned at the lifts, and have fun!

Trying to use a gift pack?

The person who purchased the gift pack will need to transfer it to the email address of the person they would like it to go to. Gift packs can be transferred by logging into the purchaser's account, clicking "Smart Vouchers" and clicking "Transfer."

Instructions to redeem the gift pack will be sent to the email address the purchaser entered.

How to redeem sledding for season pass holders:

STEP 1: Click here to log in to your account.

STEP 2: Click on "Smart Vouchers" on the left-hand side.

STEP 3: Click "Redeem" and select the date you plan to attend and check out (it will be for $0). You'll need to do this process for each individual under your account and for each date.

REDEEMING FOR MINORS: Because minors do not have their own account, it is not possible to redeem this offer for them online. Instead, please be sure to send us an email to with your name, your child's name, and the date you would like to reserve sledding for. Tickets will be available for pickup at the guest services counter upstairs at the lodge.

PLEASE NOTE: Season pass holders will need to check in at the guest services counter upstairs at the lodge for all sledding events. Thank you!

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Zibob Sledding, Zibob Day Ticket, Zibob Sledding

Base Price: $30 + Taxes & Fees

Valid for the date purchased. Pottawattamie County residents will receive a 25% discount on sledding tickets.